• The Still House - Romantic Gervasi Vineyard Staycation in North Canton, Ohio. The perfect getaway in Ohio.
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    A Romantic Staycation At Gervasi Vineyard

    I recently arrived home from a romantic staycation at Gervasi Vineyard in North Canton, Ohio. It was the perfect, scenic destination for a getaway that was both close to home and also made us feel like we were on vacation. It was very important for me to find accommodations that would be taking state mandates and guidelines very seriously. We also wanted to stay somewhere with outdoor spaces to explore and Gervasi was a perfect choice!

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  • Cleveland Ohio Postcard mural, ohio CIty, cleveland, mural, street art. Black owned businesses in cleveland ohio
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    Try These Amazing Black Owned Businesses In Cleveland

    I’ve partnered with Ohio. Find it Here. to share this amazing list of Black owned businesses in Cleveland, Ohio. If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know that I am always talking about supporting local businesses (especially in these crazy Coronavirus times) but today I want to specifically call attention to some of the wonderful Black owned businesses in Cleveland that we are blessed…

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    How To Start Your Dream Blog in 8 Easy Steps

    For a long time, I dreamed that I would start a blog. I thought it would be a fun project creatively that might turn into a side hustle or even my primary source of income someday. It was something that I thought about for years, but I made excuses for why I couldn’t do it. I just really didn’t know where to start. It can be very overwhelming when you first begin your to-do list. That is why I want to help you simplify things!

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    Shop Small: Books To Read During Quarantine

    I am always a big advocate of shopping small and supporting local businesses, but especially during this COVID-19 pandemic where businesses have been forced to close their doors to the public. During these uncertain times, we must rally together to support our local favorite coffee shops, boutiques, and restaurants as much as we can. Today, I want to talk about supporting your local book stores!

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    Shop Small: Cozy Quarantine Loungewear

    During this bizarre time in history that we are living through, it can be hard to remember what day it is, let alone get dressed up to work from home. So many of us are wearing cozy quarantine loungewear almost every day now! People and businesses are struggling to get by. We are all worried about the health of our loved ones. We are all just trying to take…

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    Free Things To Do During Covid-19 Quarantine

    We are living in crazy times right now. I am sure this is not how most of us envisioned our 2020 would be, but Covid-19 has hit the world hard and we are all adjusting to a new (and hopefully very temporary!) normal as we all stay home and fight the spread of this virus. While none of us would choose this “Shelter In Place” life, it is our…

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  • Getaway Cabins Beaver Creek
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    The Best Escape Into Nature With Getaway Cabins

    Getaway has cozy tiny house-like cabins nestled away into nature just a short drive outside of 12 major cities (and counting!). Since we are Cleveland natives, we visited Getaway Beaver Creek outpost, which is conveniently located between Cleveland and Pittsburgh. The Getaway motto is, “Disconnect to reconnect…Unplug from work, wifi, and routines”. They purposely don’t have wifi and it’s very refreshing to unplug. There are even cell phone lock boxes if you are brave enough to use them!

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