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    Shop Small: Cozy Quarantine Loungewear

    During this bizarre time in history that we are living through, it can be hard to remember what day it is, let alone get dressed up to work from home. People and businesses are struggling to get by. We are all worried about the health of our loved ones. We are all just trying to take this day by day as it comes. Something that has been helping me get through this time is seeing how my community is coming together to support one another despite the physical distance. People are buying gift cards and ordering takeout from local restaurants and shopping online at their favorite local shops.

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    The Perfect Gift – JORD Wood Watches

    When I go on a longer trip, I really like to wear a watch in case my phone dies or I can’t get to an outlet in time. Travel requires being on time and missing a flight or train is my least favorite thing ever! I am so excited to be partnering with JORD to bring you guys this fun giveaway, and now I will always know the time! Enter at the end of this post to win a $100 credit to JORD!

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    I Went From Hating Thrifting To Loving It In One Day

    I used to loathe thrifting. Now I think its the biggest thrill! So what changed? My perspective. When we bought our first home I would go thrifting to find furniture to paint or refinish and that was a fun hobby, but looking at the clothes just seemed like hell on earth. I tried looking through the racks piece by piece a few times over the year only to be defeated by boredom and that weird thrift store smell. I thought that you had to look through every single item in the store in order to find anything good. I would usually rage quit halfway through and not go back for another year. 

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