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    Shop Small: Books To Read During Quarantine

    I am always a big advocate of shopping small and supporting local businesses, but especially during this COVID-19 pandemic where businesses have been forced to close their doors to the public. During these uncertain times, we must rally together to support our local favorite coffee shops, boutiques, and restaurants as much as we can. Today, I want to talk about supporting your local book stores!

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  • InCleveland, Lifestyle

    Shop Small: Cozy Quarantine Loungewear

    During this bizarre time in history that we are living through, it can be hard to remember what day it is, let alone get dressed up to work from home. People and businesses are struggling to get by. We are all worried about the health of our loved ones. We are all just trying to take this day by day as it comes. Something that has been helping me get through this time is seeing how my community is coming together to support one another despite the physical distance. People are buying gift cards and ordering takeout from local restaurants and shopping online at their favorite local shops.

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    Free Things To Do At Home During The COVID-19 Quarantine

    We are living in crazy times right now. I am sure this is not how most of us envisioned our 2020 would be, but COVID-19 has hit the world hard and we are all adjusting to a new (and hopefully very temporary!) normal as we all stay home and fight the spread of this virus. While none of us would choose this “Shelter In Place” life, it is our current reality and I hope you are all keeping a positive outlook during these circumstances. I have been social distancing for 2 weeks and self quarantined for 1 week now and I am at the point where I need some more things to keep me occupied. Here is what I found interesting while researching free things to do at home during our Coronavirus lockdown.

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