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Everything You Need To Know About Dwell Box Treehouse Village

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Here’s everything you need to know about Dwell Box Treehouse Village before your visit! Nestled peacefully into the stunning landscape of Ohio’s Amish Country is the Dwell Box Treehouse Village. When my husband and I were researching a unique place to stay in Ohio, we found these neat, modern accommodations on Airbnb. There are so many trendy AirBnbs now and we were super excited to get away for a night and try one out. We ended up staying at “The Shack” in Dundee, Ohio. It was the perfect size for the two of us to stay comfortably and it was very cozy! A peaceful retreat to Dwell Box Treehouse Village in Ohio was just what we needed. 

More About Dwell Box Treehouse Village

Dwell Box is a lovely small accommodations business run by the Hershberger family. They have three different groupings of charming lodging experiences; The Dwell House, Forest Havens, and Treehouse Village. These incredible homes are all built and designed with such care to be a peaceful retreat from the “real world”. It was lovely to escape into nature for a couple of days!

Dwell Box Amenities

Dwell Box Treehouse Village in Ohio - The Shack
Dwell Box Treehouse Village in Ohio - The Shack

Each of the lodging experiences has their own unique flair, but you will find some amenities will be the same throughout all of the homes. For example, the relaxing outdoor soaking tubs and showers are amenities worth mentioning. There’s something about them that is just so much fun! If showering outside isn’t your thing, no worries, the accommodations also come fully equipped with full indoor bathrooms as well. 

Across all of the Dwell Box lodging options, you’ll also find kitchenettes or full kitchens, depending on which accommodations you choose. There are also super comfy Amish-made mattresses, indoor wood stoves or fireplaces, and outdoor fire pits too! All of these locations are pet-friendly too for an additional cleaning fee. 

Dwell Box Treehouse Village in Ohio - The Shack
Dwell Box Treehouse Village in Ohio - The Shack

What To Pack

While all of the Dwell Box amenities are great, there are still a few things you should bring. If you want to spend most of your time in your treehouse rather than ordering takeout or eating out.

  • A good cooler – there is a small fridge but you will probably need a bit more room if you plan to cook and keep all your drinks cold.
  • Food, drinks, snacks – anything you want to drink, eat, or cook/grill out you will need to bring with you. There is a french press, tea kettle, and a hot plate provided.
  • Toiletries – bring anything you need, there’s no shampoo or anything provided for you so bring your own!
  • A laptop or tablet – there is pretty good wifi in the treehouse if you want to watch a movie at night (there are no TVs).
  • Bathing Suits – you will want a suit to wear in the soaking tub!
Dwell Box Treehouse Village in Ohio - The Shack
Dwell Box Treehouse Village in Ohio - The Shack

Things To Do Near Dwell Box Treehouse Village

Wondering what else there is to do during your peaceful retreat to Dwell Box Treehouse Village? Other than relaxing in your charming treehouse, there’s plenty to do in Ohio’s Amish Country! 

What to Do in Ohio’s Amish Country

  • Hike to Dundee Falls
  • Take a scenic drive through Amish Country
  • Wine tasting at Breitenbach Wine Cellars
  • Shopping on Main Street in Berlin
  • Visit Hershberger’s Farm and Bakery
  • Visit Coblentz Chocolates

Where to Eat in Ohio’s Amish Country

  • Beacon Cafe
  • Hershberger’s Farm and Bakery
  • Red Mug Coffee
  • Park Street Pizza
  • Whitmer’s Pizza
  • Millersburg Brewing Company
  • Der Dutchman Walnut Creek
  • Honey Bee Cafe
  • Amish Country Donuts

Areas to Explore in Ohio’s Amish Country

  • Sugarcreek
  • Walnut Creek
  • Berlin
  • Millersburg
  • Charm

How To Get To Dwell Box Treehouse Village

  • From Cleveland via I-77 S and OH-21 S, distance 69 miles, 1 hr 20 min
  • From Toledo via I-80 E / I-90 E (tolls), distance 137 miles, 2 hr 43 min
  • From Columbus via OH-16 E, distance 105 miles, 1 hr 52 min
  • From Cincinnati via I-71 N, distance 212 miles, 3 hr 34 min
  • From Youngstown via I-76 W, distance 95 miles, 1 hr 35 min

What We Did in Ohio’s Amish Country

Lunch at Beacon Cafe

Since check-in time at Dwell Box is 3 pm, we decided to head over to Amish Country a bit early. We wanted to have lunch and do some fun activities before settling into our treehouse for the night. It was a nice, easy drive for us from Cleveland and the sun was shining. Locals know that if the sun is actually shining, it’s going to be a great day! 

We decided to grab some take-out from Beacon Cafe upon our arrival. We both ordered delicious sandwiches and some iced tea and ate outside at a cute picnic table. Everything tasted amazing and you could tell it was super fresh and homemade like you would expect from Amish Country. After we were done with our lunches, we drove around the back roads for a while admiring the rolling hills, farms, and lots of cows! 

Exploring Hershberger’s Farm and Bakery

Next, we ended up at Hershberger’s Farm and Bakery. This place had just about everything, from a petting zoo to shopping, to carnival-type food stands and a farmers market. Not to mention the bakery! We walked around for a while before buying out their stock of fry pies. Just kidding, but y’all, we bought A LOT of fry pies!! We decided to get away from the crowds and enjoy a fry pie and some fresh, sweet lemonade under a willow tree. We hadn’t been away from home for a while, so it was fun to just sit and talk somewhere other than our house!

Our Dwell Box Treehouse Village Experience

Dwell Box Treehouse Village in Ohio - The Shack
Dwell Box Treehouse Village in Ohio - The Shack

Checking In

By the time we were done with our first couple of Amish Country activities, it was almost time to check-in to Dwell Box Treehouse Village! We were ready to relax and have a peaceful evening by the fire pit. The check-in process was contactless and super easy. At 3 pm, we are given a code to open the lockbox and enter the Treehouse. 

As I mentioned earlier, we stayed in “The Shack” in the Treehouse Village. It was quite cozy, but it had everything we needed and with the outdoor space and loft bedroom area, it was the perfect size for two people. To get to the treehouse, we had to walk up some stairs and across a bridge. It was super fun and I felt like a kid at a playground again.

Dwell Box Treehouse Village in Ohio - The Shack

Our Evening at Dwell Box

For dinner, we ordered a pizza from Whitmer’s Pizza. It was only a mile down the road so it was super convenient (and delish)! We ate our meal by the fire under the twinkly lights, then took a dip in the soaking tub! It is basically a hot tub, but you fill it up and empty it yourself so the water is extra clean and fresh and there’s no need to use chemicals in it like a hot tub.

The next morning, we enjoyed the last bit of time in the Treehouse before checking out at 11 am. We didn’t really bring any breakfast food, so we stopped for takeout coffee and bagels at The Red Mug Coffee Co. on our way out of town. It was a cute little shop and had a lot of great options on their menu.

Thoughts On COVID-19 Protocols

Overall, we had an amazing stay in “The Shack” at Dwell Box Treehouse Village. The treehouse had all the basics that we needed and was such a quaint, fun place to stay for a night. If we had stayed for 2 nights, we definitely would have done the 2-mile hike to Dundee Falls. It looks beautiful in the photos I have seen.

Now, I have to be honest, if you are very sensitive about people wearing masks due to COVID-19 then you may want to wait on this trip until the virus is less of a concern. We’ve been very cautious about going out during the pandemic and trying to make smart, safe decisions.

Dwell Box Treehouse Village in Ohio - The Shack
A Peaceful Retreat to Dwell Box Treehouse Village in Ohio. Punkin Ale

Workers Weren’t Wearing Masks

Alex and I have taken a stance at most times that if it isn’t necessary, we don’t need to do it right now. We felt pretty uncomfortable at times during our trip to Ohio’s Amish Country because the majority of people were NOT wearing masks. I’m not sure what the rules are there, but it seemed like most locals and workers were not wearing masks. “Tourists” were and we were able to social distance pretty easily at the places we went to, but it was like another world where people didn’t seem concerned with Coronavirus. I want to always give you all the full disclosure and not hold anything back from you.

Dwell Box Treehouse Village was great for social distancing

This really had nothing to do with our amazing time in the Treehouse Village, but it’s just something to be aware of if you do want to explore the area while you’re there. You could very easily bring your own food and drinks to make and not need to go anywhere else at all. If you’re looking for a perfect social distanced getaway then Dwell Box Treehouse Village would still be perfect for you!

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